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The MINTBIOLOGY logo reflects the duality between science and nature.
Its strong geometric shape, a symbol rooted in biology and chemistry, is
fused with fluid, leaf-like elements to show the powerful symbiosis
between our scientific expertise and plant-based, clean beauty.
The resulting floral symbol represents your blossoming, beautiful skin.
Its elegant, interlocking pattern stands for our integrated system of
innovative, tailored health and beauty products.
MINTBIOLOGY stands for fierce, dynamic, feminine confidence.
We believe what we put in, on, and around our bodies matters!

Founded in sunny Southern California by alumni of UCLA Microbiology and Molecular Genetics and UCSD Bioengineering, MINTBIOLOGY is deeply rooted in science, mindful consciousness, transparency, and design.

We don’t hire “perfect” models
or ad campaigns that make you feel less than; instead, we focus on YOU, because your happiness, health, and confidence are our mission.

This is beauty made for you, with the highest quality, clean ingredients at the best possible price. We are your skincare partner for radiant skin, and we are always here to help.