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1. What is the MINTSonic Cleaning Brush?

- The MINTSonic Sonic Cleansing Brush is the most versatile cleansing brush available on the market to deep cleanse, massage, and apply your favorite skin care products for efficient absorption and anti aging benefits.

Gently deep cleanse, exfoliate, massage out clogged pores, stubborn makeup, & blackheads with maximum power & minimal effort. Then simply rinse clean.

The MINTSonic brush does not rotate or spin.  15 selectable intensities (up to 8000 sonic pulses/minute) allow for a much wider range and full spectrum of personalized skincare routine.

2. How does the MINTSonic silicone brush compare to nylon or spin brushes on the market?

- MINTSonic’s ultra-hygienic FDA grade silicone brush is 35X’s more hygienic, and so EASY to keep clean. Save your money because NO brush head replacements needed!

In addition, MINTSonic’s rounded silicone bristles are extra gentle on your skin compared to even the most sensitive brush heads on the market. This means no more worries of broken capillaries, microtears on your delicate facial skin, or stripping your skin’s natural barrier.

3. Why is sonic cleansing unique?

- MINTSonic sonic cleansing is more effective than traditional cleansing with your hands or washcloth, yet very gentle on your skin.

Sonic vibrations extend into the skin pores to loosen clogged dirt and residue that using hands alone could not reach. It also helps reduce dry patches and blemishes without over exfoliating.

4. Which skin types are suitable for MINTSonic?

- The MINTSonic was designed and optimized to safely use with ALL skin types.

5. How does MINTSonic brush compare to other silicone cleansing brushes on the market? 

- We cannot speak to or guarantee the quality of other brands. Although they may appear similar, different manufacturers may often use lower grade silicone materials that may not be as soft or gentle on your skin. In addition, the internal structure may not be as well engineered causing weak, faulty units that may not last very long.



1. Do I need to charge my MINTSonic 24 hours before 1st use?

- The device already comes pre-charged and ready to use. You may also charge it before first use as they may not be fully charged upon arrival.

2. How long does it take to charge my MINTSonic?

- A full charge should only take 30-60 minutes. The blinking light charge indicator will let you know energy is being restored.

Disconnect the cord once the light becomes constant letting you know the device is fully charged.

3. How do I charge my MINTSonic device?

- Simply connect the included USB charge cord into the charging port at the bottom of the device, then plug into any USB port adapter.

The blinking light charge indicator will let you know energy is being restored. Disconnect the cord once the light becomes constant letting you know the device is fully charged.

4. How often should I charge my MINTSonic device?

- A fully charged MINTSonic should last about a month with regular use.

5. Can I use other chargers with my MINTSonic device?

- It is also compatible with universal USB 3.0 Micro Type B plug cables. 

6. My MINTSonic device does not work and/or charge. What should I do?

- The battery may be drained and will require a few minutes before it starts charging.

Please check that:

The USB plug is firmly plugged into the socket.

The main plug is firmly plugged into the USB charge adapter attached to a power source.

7. Does the MINTSonic have auto shut off?

- At full charge, the auto power off is about 15 minutes. At low charge, the auto shut off time approaches 3 minutes.



1. How does the anti-aging mode work?

- Your key to timeless beauty. You pay a premium for quality skincare products, so you want to make sure you get the most effective use out of them.

Use MINTSonic on the lower settings for relaxing sonic massages to apply and enhance better absorption of skincare products for maximum efficacy in hydrating the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Will my USB charger cord work in different countries?

- Yes, you may use it worldwide with the correct adapter.

3. How do I clean my MINTSonic device?

- Wash the brush surfaces with soap and water, rinse with clean water, and pat dry with a lint free cloth or towel, or allow to air dry.  Rubbing alcohol may also be used if necessary.

You may also use a soft, clean toothbrush to scrub in between the bristles if needed.

4. Is my MINTSonic compatible to use with any cleanser, exfoliant, essential oils, serums, or skincare products?

- Yes, if you can use it on your skin, you can use it with MINTSonic!

5. There are so many intensity levels. Are there best suggested uses for each level?

- When in doubt, it’s suggested you start at the lower levels then work your way up as you’re comfortable. These are only suggestions.  Please find what works best for you.

Higher speeds: Give invigorating deep, exfoliating cleanse and massage. Also great for deep cleaning makeup brushes!

Medium speeds: Gives general deep cleanse and massage.

Lower speeds: Gives extra gentle deep cleanse, or to apply and massage in your favorite skin care products for deeper product absorption benefits.



1. Is the MINTSonic waterproof?

- Yes! It is rated IPX6, completely waterproof, and safe to use in the bath or shower.

2. Can I use the included USB charge cord to charge the MINTSonic internationally while traveling?

- The included USB charge cord is universal and can be used in any country.

3. Can I boil my device?

- We do not recommend boiling your MINTSonic as this may damage the device.

4. Can I leave my MINTSonic outdoors under the sun?

- We do not recommend leaving your MINTSonic device outdoors under the sun, as this may damage it.



1. What are the expected international shipping times if an order is shipped outside of the USA?

USPS First Class International Mail: 2-4 weeks 
USPS Priority International: 6-10 days
USPS Express International: 3-5 days