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Large Professional Trigger Point Fascia & Lymphatic Massage Tool for Cellulite, Fitness & Beauty | KOA ELITE Large

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  • HUMANTouch 3.0 - Optimal Fascia Spacing: KOA ELITE HumanTouch 3.0 self  massager mimics human elbow, knuckles, and fingers better than other myofascial massage tools or massage hook, with optimal, finger-like spacing for breaking up sore tissue - at a pace, pressure, depth and threshold you control.
  • Brilliant for massaging larger surface areas like your legs and back to relax sore muscles, promote increased blood flow and aid bigger cellulite surfaces, without fatiguing your arms.
  • Hard to reach areas? Need more pressure? Lean it against the wall or floor for maximum trigger point relief.
  • CRAMP FREE HANDS - Superior Deep Tissue Relief: While most massage sticks limit your range of motion (and massage balls solve a different problem altogether), our proprietary ergonomic design makes it easy to hold onto this cellulite massager while reaching the spots you need.
  • TAME TENSION, Stink Free: Feeling it in your neck? Back? Shoulders? Chest? Legs? Feet? Everywhere?! Now you can take a deep breath and relax because this lower back massager boasts a Targeted Pressure Point System that melts the day away, without the stinky creams, balms or over- the- counter gut disruptors.
  • NO DISRUPTIVE CHEMICALS - 100% Tested Muscle Massager: We meticulously and continuously test our self massage tools for Safety, Power & Effect, ensuring this fascia massager packs all the power for you to relieve, without leaching chemicals into your skin - 100% Free of BPA, PBDE, TBBPA, and phthalates.

PERFECT GIFT - An essential body massager tool for yourself and all your loved ones. Click 'Add to Cart' now and prepare to enjoy your incredible massage. Need more convincing? Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee covers it all.

USA Patent 29/666,626