Our Best Korean Sheet Mask for Hydration

Our Best Korean Sheet Mask for Hydration
Replenish, nourish, and pamper your skin

If you seek a masking option that will give your skin a burst of moisture and lock in hydration for days, look no further. A good Korean facial sheet mask will feel lovely and provide you with that sought-after porcelain radiance!

Unlock the essence of Korean beauty in a pampering mask
The sheet mask is your portal into the realm of Korean skincare; it unlocks one of the best-kept beauty secrets—one Korean women have kept to themselves for centuries.

A sheet mask rushes intense hydration and suppleness to your skin. Drenched in nourishing ingredients, it forms a protective barrier that locks in moisture and allows nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin’s top layer more effectively.

Is your skin feeling parched this summer? Curious about how our Korean beauty mask might change your skincare game forever? Give MINTBIOLOGY Nourishing Mask a try!

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Experience a science-backed, natural Korean facial mask
Nourishing Mask
At MINTBIOLOGY, we know you have many sheet mask options. That’s why we offer the highest quality Korean beauty sheet mask you can buy to deliver translucent skin.

Our clear, jelly-like sheet mask, distinguished by the caliber of its formula, is trusted on faces around the world. It works for all skin types and is laden with enriching ingredients your skin craves.

The MINTBIOLOGY bioengineering team has so much to offer. Deeply rooted in science, mindful consciousness, and design, we’re passionate about skincare. We infuse anti-aging hyaluronic acid and ceramides with ferment extracts for masks that help skin keep its moisture. Another big perk is our mask's ability to provide wondrous skin-boosting vitamins like niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B3) for a gratifying brightening of your complexion.

Plus, unlike other sheet masks, this mask doesn't have any harsh chemicals or irritants. Bonus!
A powerful blend of nutrients and vitamins in one luxurious mask
If your skin is feeling tight and dry, this luxuriously ultrahydrating face mask includes the powerful active ingredients it needs. Our ferment extract trio provides longterm skin conditioning benefits due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Fermented filtrates can open pores, reduce blackheads by over 20%, reduce sebum and keratin significantly, improve brightness, and lessen acne.

1. Ferment filtrate trio: A formula that works in a symbiotic fashion to promote skin renewal using filtrates
a. Phellinus linteus An adaptogenic mushroom extract possessing antioxidant properties to fight free radicals made popular in Korean natural medicine b. Ceramide NP Found naturally in skin, this super important lipid helps form the skin's barrier and helps skin retain moisture c. Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate (Pitera) A breakthrough anti-aging, skin-nourishing liquid created through the fermentation process of this yeast
2. Vitamin B: A staple skin health ingredient to help condition and nourish the skin
3. Sodium hyaluronate: Helps restore the skin's moisture and improve texture
4. Niacinamide: A popular powerhouse ingredient that results in a flawless, bright, even complexion
We take pride in combining the right nutrients with herbs and extracts to ensure our formulation is gentle and soothing.
Final thoughts
Your well-being is in your own hands. Of course, even the best facial cleansing brush is not a magical gadget that treats everything. However, it can certainly be a handy part of a good skincare system.  

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Your Korean beauty “glass skin” look is just a few sheet mask treatments away!

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Achieve perfectly dewy skin with a welcome side of pampering. Goodbye, dry and lackluster skin.