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Korean Beauty Rejuvenating Collagen Face Sheet Masks with Astaxanthin, 5 Masks

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A relaxing weekend at home. The house is clean, you're wearing your favorite PJs, and it’s time to make a cup of coffee to start off the day. But wait! Add a touch of luxury into your daily routine with the Rejuvenating Sheet Mask. Specially formulated with astaxanthin, derived from the sparkling depths of the ocean to your home, this antioxidant promises glassy, moisturized skin. Smile all you want! Because with the Rejuvenating Sheet Mask wrinkles are a distant memory.

GET YOUR GLOW ON with our premium anti-aging Korean beauty face mask pack. Our collagen face mask is bursting with skin-firming power ingredients that’ll rival any competitor in the sheet mask industry to bring back the chubby cheeks you were born with.

Gain vibrant confidence in your face with these moisturizing face masks that’ll give you a powerful dose of collagen-boosting nourishment.

Unlike most facial masks that are formulated with alcohol and cheap, questionable ingredients, we made sure to keep these premium hydrating sheet masks free of any harsh skin irritating or sensitizing chemicals. Each facemask is packed full of potent, remarkably effective blend of antioxidants that deliver instant visible results and consistent results over time.

When used consistently, MINTBIOLOGY’s Korean sheet masks are guaranteed to help maintain your youthful, naturally beautiful skin.


We know how frustrating it is when face masks don’t work or even make your skin worse. That’s why we set out to spend countless months creating the most mindfully conscious formula we would trust to put on our own faces and bring you high-quality, effective face masks targeted to transform your skin.

Our amazing Intensive Care Formula contains:


Achieve Radiance with Bounce as you harness the restoring healing powers to protect skin & combat signs of aging to FIRM, PLUMP, & SMOOTH skin for that fresh look that’ll sure boost your confidence.


Gain Bright & Even skin tone with these popular powerhouse ingredients.


Give your skin an Energized Perk me Up for a younger looking appearance.


Plump & Strengthen to slow the effects of aging. This high performance collagen absorbs 150% more efficiently into the skin compared to other plant and animal collagens.

The potent ingredients in our masks deliver visible results instantly, while working to improve skin over time with continued use. Our face mask is easy to apply, so you just sit back, relax, rejuvenate and enjoy dreamy, youthful, radiant skin.

With Clean Beauty, we are focused on not using materials that are known to be harmful or irritating but instead ones that are safe and effective.
Beauty is not only about how you look, but also about how you FEEL.
Use with confidence knowing that at MINTBIOLOGY, we are passionate and focused on sourcing only the best, clean, quality products that result in skin you can feel BEAUTIFUL AND CONFIDENT in.

Suitable for ALL skin types.

Contains 5 masks, 25g / 0.85 fl oz each