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24K Gold Marine Collagen Eye Masks, 15 Pairs | 25% off Holiday Sale

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Are you seeing the sad effects of stress and long days of work and lack of sleep? Is air pollution taking its toll on your eyes and skin?

Your Eyes are the Windows to Your Soul. Starting TODAY, rejuvenate the look and feel of your eyes. Make them shine and reflect your best self with MINTGold Eye Masks. Bold Anti-aging Treatments, as Intense as the Ocean Itself. Our deep sea fish small molecule marine collagen is derived from the skin of noble fish species.

This high performance collagen absorbs 150% more efficiently into the skin compared to other plant and animal collagens. Combined with active nano gold particles and powerful skin loving nutrients, it moisturizes and firms the skin, slowing down the effects of aging. Experience softer skin, and restored firmness and elasticity.

MINTGold Eye Masks provide ideal anti-aging benefits for those seeking environmentally-friendly products. A Revolution in Repair for Fresh, Youthful-looking Eyes. MINTGold Eye Masks are cruelty free and specially formulated WITHOUT parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, alcohols, and synthetic fragrance.

Use with confidence knowing you’re only putting nature’s best responsibly sourced ingredients on your skin. So go ahead, and give yourself a GOLDEN VIP TREATMENT today! You deserve only the BEST!


One box contains 15 pairs of masks


Prevent premature aging, reduce appearance of under eye dark circles, puffiness, eye bags, wrinkles, crows feet, inflammation - Prevent premature aging 


Water, Nano-active Gold, Vitamin C, Deep Sea Fish Small Molecule Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Licorice, Oat Peptide, Flavonoids, Lutein Extract, Diatomi Polysaccharide, Rose Essence


For best results, refrigerate eye masks 30 minutes to 1 hour before application.

1. Gently apply masks onto clean skin under each eye in the morning or evening.

2. Allow serums to penetrate skin for 15-20 minutes, remove pads and gently pat in any remaining serum.

3. If desired, follow with your favorite eye crème.