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KOA Full Body Massage Tool : Myofascial Trigger Point Release & Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Pain Management, Beauty & Muscle Performance

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Head to Feet Myofascial Massage & Restoration To Help You Supercharge Pain Management, Beauty, Flexibility, Circulation, Energy, & Immune Health.

Anytime, anywhere relief and rejuvenation with MintBiology’s HumanTouch 3.0 patented technology that mimics a therapist’s hands, fingers, and elbows. Perfect for releasing tension and trigger points and treating achy backs, legs, hips, shoulders, arms, and feet to a relaxing, pain-releasing myofascial massage.

✓   Release tension & trigger points

✓   Manage pain & inflammation

✓   Optimize muscle performance

✓   Accelerate recovery

✓   Stimulate anti-aging building blocks

✓   Boost flexibility

✓   Improve circulation

✓   Detoxifying lymphatic drainage

✓   Smooth tight, dimpled skin

✓   Release tension

✓   Rejuvenate

✓   Spa yourself

How to Use the KOA Massage Tool

  1. Start with light, brisk strokes.
  2. Ease into deeper pressure as needed.
  3. Use the rounded ends to press into and release trigger points.

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Why It Works

Unlike other massage devices, this patented design and HumanTouch™ technology allows the KOA’s fingers to comb through and release myofascial adhesions that cause tension and pain. This allows you to gently, effectively and naturally decompress and release tense muscles and joints by addressing and restoring the body’s myofascial tissues. 

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How Quickly Will I See & Feel Results?

Most people feel tension and pain being released in just a few minutes. With ongoing use, you’ll continue seeing improvements in your health and beauty as your muscles, blood flow, nerves, joints, and skin are nourished and revitalized.  

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What Is The Best Oil To Use On Bare Skin?

Any pure coconut or massage oil helps the KOA Massage Tools glide beautifully over your bare skin. 

Bring The Spa Home - Or On The Go

Because you don’t need relief when your therapist can see you; you need relief NOW! The KOA Massage Tool puts YOU in control so you can stay on that ‘one spot’ for as long as you’d like and apply just the right pressure.

It’s Like Visiting a Therapist, Only… Easier.

Pick it up any time for quick, on-the-go relief, or treat yourself to a deluxe spa experience. Perfect for the bath or shower, gym, sauna, yoga studio, sports field, office, traveling, on the go, or at home.


All-In-One Solution for Myofascial Therapy & Head-To-Toe Relaxation & Relief

Helps combat pain and inflammation while optimizing blood flow, muscle performance, and recovery. 

Our patented, ergonomic design mimics the fingers, hands, and elbows of a skilled massage therapist. This gives you versatile, precise control of the exact treatment pressure, placement, and frequency that works best for you. It’s like having a massage therapist, myofascial release tool, foam roller, muscle stick, hook cane, and massage balls combined all in one tool!

USA Patented Design

HumanTouch 3.0 is our proprietary, patented technology that integrates optimal myofascial and musculoskeletal spacing with knobs and points that mimic your therapist's fingers, knuckles, and elbow to break up tense, sore tissue - at the pace, pressure, depth, and threshold you control.

USA Patent 29/666,626

Durable, Portable, Ergonomic, Easy

Made of durable German polymers to ensure long term, reliable use. 

STOP WASTING MONEY on cheaply made, ineffective massage tools made of dangerous chemicals and toxins only to find out that the hard plastic or foam pinches, hurts, breaks, and doesn't deliver the results you’re after. 

Non-Toxic, BPA Free

Our proprietary plastic formulation does NOT contain the following as raw materials:

❌  Benzotriazol

❌  Bisphenol A (BPA)

❌  Bisphenol S (BPS)

❌  Dimethyl fumarate

❌  Latex

❌  Octabromodiphenyl ethers

❌  Pentabromodiphenyl ethers

❌  Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE)

❌  Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) 



What Is HUMANTouch 3.0?

It’s the answer to the ongoing problem of, 

“I need to see a massage therapist—NOW”

Not in two days. Not next week. Not when they can ‘squeeze you in’; now. HUMANTouch 3.0 combines our patented, proprietary musculoskeletal and fascia spacing with therapist-mimicking ‘fingers, elbows and knuckles so you can finally break up sore fascia, melt away knots, and hit your FitSpo goals - at the depth, pace and pressure that’s optimal for YOU.


Because you don’t need relief when your therapist can see you; you need relief NOW.

So It’s Like a Therapist? Only…Faster?

Yes. We LOVE our massage therapists. We really do! But as you well know, they aren’t psychic. Communicating precisely where to massage, how much pressure to use, and how long to stay there completely disrupts the stress-relief of a massage! Why bear the frustration between visits when you can do it on your own? Pinpoint your own pain? Provide just the right depth of pressure? And stay on that ‘one spot’ for much longer? No a “little to the left…no go back…wait up…no…OUCH…or ‘push harder’”, and no disappointment when they don’t quite stay on that spot for nearly long enough. Because YOU are in control. And this makes reaching every spot; even those frustrating ones between your shoulder blades, soooo much easier



  • HUMANTouch 3.0 - Optimal Fascia Spacing: KOA ELITE HumanTouch 3.0 self  massager mimics human elbow, knuckles, and fingers better than other myofascial massage tools or massage hook, with optimal, finger-like spacing for breaking up sore tissue - at a pace, pressure, depth and threshold you control.
  • Brilliant for massaging larger surface areas like your legs and back to relax sore muscles, promote increased blood flow and aid bigger cellulite surfaces, without fatiguing your arms.
  • Hard to reach areas? Need more pressure? Lean it against the wall or floor for maximum trigger point relief.
  • CRAMP FREE HANDS - Superior Deep Tissue Relief: While most massage sticks limit your range of motion (and massage balls solve a different problem altogether), our proprietary ergonomic design makes it easy to hold onto this cellulite massager while reaching the spots you need.
  • TAME TENSION, Stink Free: Feeling it in your neck? Back? Shoulders? Chest? Legs? Feet? Everywhere?! Now you can take a deep breath and relax because this lower back massager boasts a Targeted Pressure Point System that melts the day away, without the stinky creams, balms or over- the- counter gut disruptors.
  • NO DISRUPTIVE CHEMICALS - 100% Tested Muscle Massager: We meticulously and continuously test our self massage tools for Safety, Power & Effect, ensuring this fascia massager packs all the power for you to relieve, without leaching chemicals into your skin - 100% Free of BPA, PBDE, TBBPA, and phthalates.

PERFECT GIFT - An essential body massager tool for yourself and all your loved ones. Click 'Add to Cart' now and prepare to enjoy your incredible massage. Need more convincing? Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee covers it all.

USA Patent 29/666,626