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Manual Fascia Massage Tool | KOA ELITE by MINTBIOLOGY

  • HUMANTouch 3.0 - Optimal Fascia Spacing: KOA ELITE HumanTouch 3.0 self massager mimics human elbow, knuckles, and fingers better than other myofascial massage tools or massage hook, with optimal, finger-like spacing for breaking up sore tissue - at a pace, pressure, depth and threshold you control.
  • Cramp Free Hands - Superior Deep Tissue Relief: While most massage sticks limit your range of motion (and massage balls solve a different problem altogether), our proprietary ergonomic design makes it easy to hold onto this cellulite massager while reaching the spots you need.

What does fascia massage do?
Fascia massage therapies can help many areas including, pain reduction, improve flexibility, allow more effective movement, and ease muscle tension.